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Prism House is an ongoing audio-visual collaboration between Matt O'Hare (visuals) and Brian Wenner (music). We're based in New York City.

Prism House began when I met Pia Blumenthal at NYU in 2010. We shared an interest in musical visualization and decided to form a band.

The initial form of Prism House was as an improvisational audio-visual music group with Pia creating real-time video effects and myself making the music.

Videos from this period can be found by scrolling further down the page.

It was during my time with Pia that I developed my vocal-based approach to improvisational music, using a combination of live looping, drum machines, custom software, and overtone singing.

While I had been experimenting with throat-singing on my own, it wasn't until I received instruction from musician Helen Yee while collaborating on a live score for a play in NYC that I was able to achieve the sub-octave effect heard in traditional Buddhist chanting.

Once Pia graduated from NYU, electronic musician Brian Wenner and I began to collaborate. Unlike before, however, I moved over to creating the visual content of Prism House.

Albums (Composed by Brian Wenner)

Videos (Current Lineup with Brian Wenner)

Videos (Original Lineup with Pia Blumenthal)