"In another video, G.I. Joe, voiced by a mustached human mouth, declares the Joes’ intention to revolt against Mattel and experiment with bio-based materials. 'We’ve turned against our makers because they build us out of toxic stuff,'' says one mustached doll. 'We’ve laid down our arms and our uniforms to work in the service of Barbie.'"

The Cut on Barbie Liberation Organization Reveal Video, Aug 2 2023

“…a mesmerizing refuge to dive into.”

THRDCOAST for Prism House “Waiting” music video, Feb 27 2018

“All the while, the constant projections beaming behind [the cast] reminded that the allure of being a star is an all too easily exploited one.”

Village Voice for Stairway to Stardom at HERE Arts, Sep 20 2017

“Positioning themselves on either side of the space, they generate visual and sonic sounds of technological interference, sandwiched between a thumping beat.”

Dance Enthusiast for Stairway to Stardom at HERE Arts, Sept 16 2017

“Jagged video and sound design (by Matt O'Hare and Brian Wenner, respectively) add to the sense of determined disconnect.”

Time Out on Stairway to Stardom at HERE Arts, Sept 14 2017

“Matt O’Hare used in-ear microphones to create the powerful, chill-inducing effect of an ancient practice.”

Vimeo on “Binaural Bowls,” July 15 2016

"There’s even a black-and-white promotional video narrated by a deep-voiced, very sincere’s tough to feel certain if it’s legitimate or not, making for a pretty scary, uncanny parody of the NRA’s platform."

Hyperallergic on The Yes Men's "Share the Safety" Campaign, June 27 2016

“…master of the visualization modes…”

Impose Magazine, June 5 2015

“…the track is only made more haunting by its twitchy clip culled from makeup tutorials, maxing out around two minutes in, when glitches start looking like devils.”

The Fader on Prism House video “The Skyline Breathes Tonight,” June 18 2014

“He’s the hippest thing I’ve seen happen in Brooklyn in the last five years.”

Leah Siegel in “On Their Maiden Voyage: Interview with Leisure Cruise” by Rachel Levine for montreal rampage, May 8 2014

“Matt’s visualized dimensions provide multiple layers to the immersive [sight] and sound textures that propel the atmospheres from the decks and deeper into the audience’s experience.”

Impose Magazine, “Entering into the Immersive with Prism House,” April 2014

“‘What dark magic is this guy using to reprogram my mind?’”

VICE/Creator’s Project on video design for Prism House, April 16 2013

“…pleasing, aesthetic visuals.”

Bushwick Daily on CONNECT: Explorations in Electronic Psychedelia, February 22 2013

“…the design elements, particularly Matt O’Hare’s subtle sound, provide an unobtrusive sense of place.”

Variety on sound design for Exit Cuckoo, April 21 2009

“This is among the most sensitively directed, eloquently designed and impeccably acted productions of a Shakespeare tragedy that [New York City] has seen in years.”

NY Times review of Theatre For a New Audience's Othello, February 23 2009

Directed by Arin Arbus. Sound Design by Matt O'Hare.

“Scene changes were… scored to the sound of channels being changed, a clever idea for this show (especially slipping in a clip from a documentary about the Stanford prison experiment)…”

Broadway World on sound design for Stock Home, NY Fringe, August 16 2007

“Matt O’Hare composed the invaluable music and sound design, transporting the action of the basketball games into the house… with pumping rhythms, roaring crowds, and invasive buzzers.”

Broadway World on sound design for Three Seconds in the Key at the San Francisco Playhouse, January 17 2007